About Us

The Underground Gym located in Flourtown, Pennsylvania has, for nearly two decades, provided a casual club setting for its members. Using traditional weight training activities and powerlifting methods, the members of The Underground Gym achieve their personal goals for improved strength and conditioning through training sessions designed specifically for the individual. One-on-one attention is given to each member to ensure both success and safety during workouts.

While many of our members have specific goals of improved performance in a variety of personal endeavors - golf, skiing, distance running, football, pole vault, soccer and baseball, to name a few – they also have reduced stress levels. The Underground Gym is also proud to have members who compete at the regional, national and international levels in drug-free federations. Included in that group are state, American and World Record holders.

We also look forward each November (and have for over 10 years) to helping the student organizers and athletes at the Special Olympics Fall Festival at Villanova University by providing equipment, judges, loaders and spotters to the powerlifting venue.